For those times you have to be on the road, this looks like a compact 'portapotty' if I ever saw one.....

Pop up Paw T is something I haven't tried, but it was an interesting find for future reference.  If you have tried it and found fault, please provide some input in the comments section here:



FortiFlora has been a much loved tool in our arsenal after using it to completely eradicate Pepper's chronic diarrhrea.  It has been better than Pro Pectalin for him but both are products worth trying if you have a serious issue not resolved with the usual rice bran, pumpkin, or other remedies offered.  It worked quickly for us so reduced the stress level for both cats and humans in the first dose.

We have gone on using a small amount for "maintenance" with him as an addition to Pepper's heart medication capsules.  He loves the flavor of the FortiFlora so treats his capsules like cat candy, with enthusiasm.