Pilling Tools

The first tool we purchased was the one to the left. It is a pill crusher, and a pill cutter. We still find the crusher portion very useful when breaking down "horse pills" as our veterinarian calls them, to fit the contents into gelatine capsules we purchase as well, (see below).

We found that the crusher/splitter was a bit difficult to use for splitting as one could not see through the splitter to ensure one was in the proper position, so we purchased a second splitter that made life very easy.

Another very useful item that comes along with these gadgets is the gelatine capsule, and, when you manage to reduce the size of the pills, you can create very small capsules that are easily swallowed at the most difficult of times, as we found with Max when his throat was being squeezed by the cancer tumor. He still managed to swallow the #4 size capsule we purchase.